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Secure your high-yield, short-term share certificate account and watch your money grow. Increase your rates even more with our relationship bonus rates.

  • Save at a fixed rate higher than regular savings
  • Safe investment option with guaranteed returns
  • Dividends compounded and credited quarterly or monthly
  • Wide range of terms (6 months to 5 years)
  • Renews automatically at end of term
  • No setup or maintenance fees
  • Free online banking
Rate APY3 Bonus Rate4 Min. Balance EWP**
6 Month 4.28% 4.35% 4.85% $1,000 90 Days Interest
7 Month 4.91% 5.00% 5.50% $1,000 90 Days Interest
12 Month 4.04% 4.10% 4.60% $500 90 Days Interest
24 Month1 2.72% 2.75% 3.25% $1,000 180 Days Interest
36 Month1 2.87% 2.90% 3.40% $1,000 180 Days Interest
48 Month2 2.97% 3.00% 3.50% $1,000 270 Days Interest
60 Month2 3.06% 3.10% 3.60% $1,000 270 Days Interest

4Enjoy extra savings with our Membership Benefits:

Increase your rates with these relationship bonus rates:

  • Active Checking Account +0.10%
  • Full Direct Deposit +0.10%
  • Active SECU Credit Card +0.10%
  • Active Consumer Loan +0.10%
  • Current Mortgage +0.10%

Rising Rate Option

If our rates go up on our 48- or 60-month share certificates, you can increase your rate and APY once during the original term.

Quarterly Dividends.1) Dividend Transfer 2) Dividend Transfer and Rising Rate Option Available 3) Base APY (Annual Percentage Yield) effective 4/7/2023. 4) Bonus Rate APY includes all membership rate bonus conditions at 0.10% each, 5 total. **EWP Early Withdrawal Penalty. For Rising Rate Share Certificate accounts, the dividend rate and APY for your account may, at your option, change once during the original term of your certificate to the current rate being offered on certificates with the same term at the time your Rising Rate option is exercised. The Rising Rate option is only available on certificate accounts with terms of 48 or 60 months and is not available during any renewal term.

Share certificates offer a means to guaranteed savings, but if you don’t meet deposit minimums, Certificate Builder provides a great solution. Gain all the benefits while building your way to a bona fide certificate — easy with this transition account. Enjoy fixed rates higher than regular savings.

Simply set aside a minimum of $25 per pay period until you work your way up to $500. At $500, your account will automatically transition to a 12-month share certificate. Gain the guarantee of a certificate and the flexibility to make it happen with this innovative account.

  • Benefits of a share certificate, plus the ability to build up to the opening balance
  • Fixed rates for guaranteed returns*
  • Dividends are compounded and credited quarterly
  • Certificates available in $500 increments
  • Account is automatically converted to a 12-month share certificate when balance reaches $500
  • 12-month terms available for each certificate
  • Early withdrawals are subject to $10 fee per debit
    • More than 2 withdrawals before balance has reached $500 will result in account closure
    • Withdrawals or transfers from this account to another account are not permitted
  • $25 minimum deposit per pay period

*The dividend rate and annual percentage yield may change every dividend period. We may change the dividend rate for your account as determined by the credit union board of directors.

Enjoy greater peace of mind.