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Effective 01/23/23

Account Reconciliation or Research $20.00 per hour
ATM/Debit Card Re-issue $10.00
Cashier's/Official Check Fee $1.00
Closing Account Within First 90 Days $10.00
Collection Items $20.00 (plus costs)
    Check Copies $3.00
    Monthly Statement Copies $3.00
    Both Available via Online Banking FREE
Counter Checks $2.00 per page
Dormant Account Fee – (12 months inactivity) $10.00 per month
Early Withdrawal – Certificate Builder $10.00
Early Withdrawal – Christmas Club $5.00
Escheatment Fee $50.00
Excessive ATM Withdrawal Fee (10 free) $0.65 per after 10
    Savings Withdrawal 10 FREE per month
    Checking Withdrawal 10 FREE per month
Foreign ATM Fee $1.50
    International ATM/Debit Card Transactions* Variable
Garnishment or IRS Levy Fee $50.00
    Gift Cards  
    Members $2.50
    Non-members $4.50
    With Reward Checking, Kasasa Cash & Kasasa Cash Back FREE
    With Perks+ Checking & Kasasa Tunes FREE
NSF – Nonsufficient Funds Fee $25.00
Online Banking / Bill Pay FREE
Overdraft Privilege NSF Fee $25.00
Return Check Charge $10.00
Returned Mail Fee $5.00
SECU Loan Pay (Free Online) $5.00
Shared Branching Transactions $2.00 (5 FREE per month)
Stop Payment Fee $25.00
Uncollected Funds Fee $25.00
Wire Transfer: Domestic $15.00
                      International $50.00

*At Cost. Fee is assessed by Visa to cover the cost of converting foreign currency to U.S. dollars. Fee is typically 1% of transaction amount and will be passed through to the member at cost on International ATM/check card transactions only.