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E-Signatures with State ECU and DocuSign

E-Signature technology lets you access, review and sign State ECU documents remotely and securely. It's free of charge, there's no paper to print or post, and it can be done from anywhere with your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

We use DocuSign for various member services and account documentation. You will be given the option by our State ECU team to use DocuSign depending on the documentation needed.

Sign. Simple. Secure.

Quickly and securely access and sign documents at any time. Signing through DocuSign is always free!

For more information and guides about DocuSign:

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature (or E-Signature) is an electronic method of identifying a person and allowing them to complete, sign and submit a document at their convenience.

How is my E-Signature captured?

Your e-signature is a version of your name, selected by you and accompanied by a similar version of your initials. Each electronic signature is unique, and encrypted using industry standard technology.

If I have questions about DocuSign, who should I contact?

If you have any questions about using DocuSign, general information can be found on DocuSign's own support site at

If you have questions about a document State ECU has sent to you via DocuSign, please contact your Member Service Representative, who can provide answers about the document.

Who can use DocuSign?

DocuSign is available to State ECU, our staff, and our members. You must have a valid email address to use DocuSign for eligible transactions.

The terms and conditions you signed when you opened your State ECU account also apply to the use of DocuSign; nonetheless, when you start to use the system, we'll ask you to give explicit consent to use the technology.

Do I need to pay for DocuSign, or create an account to sign?

No, you do not need to pay or create a DocuSign account to sign a document.

Do I need special software or hardware to use DocuSign?

No. It will work on most modern computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones capable of accessing the internet. You don't need to download and install any extra software.

I'm concerned about the security of my personal information. Is DocuSign secure?

Yes. State ECU is committed to providing security and peace of mind for all our members. DocuSign meets the most rigorous security industry certification standards, and exceeds industry best practice for data protection, data transmission and secure storage.

What can I do to keep my documents safe?

While DocuSign is perfectly safe and secure, there are some extra precautions you can take:

  • Remember that we will only send a DocuSign email to the email address you provided us.
  • Never share or forward a DocuSign email, or your access code.
  • Do not sign a document if you suspect that your email address or mobile number might have been compromised; contact us immediately to update you contact information.

What if the email I received from DocuSign/State ECU is lost or deleted?

If the email is lost or deleted please contact your Member Service Representative and request that they resend your document.  

What if I am asked to sign, but I see incorrect information on the form?

In this case, you can click “Decline to Sign” in the dropdown menu on the right corner of the form. Then, please contact your Member Service Representative. We’ll work with you to edit and correct the form before it is signed. Please do not sign a form with incorrect information on it.

I would prefer to fill out my document(s) in paper form. Is this possible?

Yes. While we encourage you to experience the paperless way of signing documents, you are welcome to sign in paper form if preferred.