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In recent months, an increasing number of unscrupulous individuals are attempting to obtain account information from credit union members all over the country.


This practice, known as "PHISHING" (pronounced "fishing") involves sending an individual an official looking document that appears to have come from your financial institution through email asking for updates or information on your account. The link on this email will direct you to a fabricated website that may look very similar to the one you are used to using. Their goal is to use this site to collect your personal information and gain access to your accounts, passwords, personal information or introduce a virus attack.

The emails often ask for routing numbers, account numbers and passwords or other specific identifying information which would allow unauthorized access to accounts. Members should never provide account particulars to an unknown party who approaches you for such information. Even when you initiate the contact, please use caution in providing information which may place your account at risk. Legitimate merchants will never ask for any more information than absolutely necessary to complete the transaction.


In an effort to insure your account security, State Employees Credit Union wishes to keep our membership informed of the existence of such scams and assure you that we HAVE NOT AND WOULD NEVER ask you for such updates, since the information already exists on our records.

If you receive requests for account information, please do not respond. Do not click on the links shown in the email. Instead, notify any office of State Employees Credit Union so that we can take steps to shut down the website.

If you believe that you may have provided information that may compromise your account, please contact us immediately. We will assist in securing your account from unauthorized debits and provide suggestions for future account security.