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Digital Banking Statement

Previous Digital Banking Users - Detailed Setup Guide is here and below.

New Member Enrollment - Signing up for Online Banking or Mobile Banking for the first time.

For Digital Banking Support (setup, login, passcodes) - Please Call 855-803-2315

Dear Valued Members,

We want to address the recent launch of our new digital banking solution. Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping this upgrade, and we are confident you will love the new features and ease of use. However, we acknowledge that the transition has not gone as smoothly as we had planned.

What Happened

Many Members encountered login issues, which resulted in a significantly higher volume of support calls and requests than usual. Consequently, this surge in demand caused longer wait times and delays in follow-up communications. We understand how frustrating this can be and are working diligently to address these challenges and provide the timely support you deserve.

Our Response

We have created a detailed guide to help previous digital banking users transition smoothly. Please refer to this guide for step-by-step instructions. We have also expanded our support team to handle the increased call volume and online requests. Rest assured, we will contact every Member who has reached out to us. Your patience and support during this time are greatly appreciated.

Moving Forward

Our commitment to you remains. We are closely monitoring all support channels to provide assistance as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and are dedicated to resolving these issues.

We want to assure you that your security is our top priority. Despite the transition issues you may have experienced, your accounts and personal information remain safe and secure.

We are confident that once you successfully log in, you will fully appreciate and enjoy the enhanced digital banking experience.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued trust in us.

Setup Guide for Previous Digital Banking Users

As a current State ECU digital banking user, there is an online enrollment process to access the new platform. Following this guide will ensure you can pick up right where you left off with the previous platform.

Step 1: Click the "Setup" button on the login screen or this page.


Step 2: Click “Set Up Your Account” on the welcome screen


Step 3: Enter your information. This includes your current User ID which is your Member Number, your social security number, and one of your account numbers. Then, click “Next”


Step 4: Set your new passcode. Please follow on-screen directions for passcode requirements. Then, click “Set Passcode”


Step 5: Once passcode is set, you will get a notice of Passcode Changed. Click, “Continue to Online Banking”


Step 6: Enter your Primary Email Address and establish your Security Questions and Answers. Then, click “Submit”


Step 7: Read the State ECU Digital Banking Access Agreement, and click “I Accept” at the bottom of the page.

Welcome to State ECU Digital Banking!


Download the New Mobile App!

Please download the new and improved State ECU Mobile Banking app using the links below. You can safely uninstall your existing mobile app.