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Are you looking for assistance with a school program or a national cause? State ECU is a not-for-profit organization that loves to help our communities as much as we can. Suggest a deserving community organization by downloading our donation request form and return it to any branch location, or fill out the online form below.

State Employees Credit Union (SECU) requires the completion of this request form for every request for a charitable donation and/or sponsorship. Completion of this form does not ensure that you will receive any of our limited charitable funds. Please keep in mind that SECU is a not-for-profit organization and our funds are limited. We will make every effort to respond to this request as soon as possible.

This form is used by SECU to ensure that our charitable contributions reach the intended recipients and/or provide a meaningful promotion 
of SECU as a philanthropic organization. Our philanthropic activities must align with our company values which is why we adhere to a specific donation philosophy. SECU donations/sponsorships:

  • Benefit our members in all or most areas we serve
  • Benefits an entire group as opposed to an individual
  • Must support at least one of our three missions:
    • To promote financial literacy among youth and adults
    • To help members prevent financial losses due to health issues
    • To help members build long-term financial success
  • Date

    OK Date is required
  • Date of Event/Publication

    OK Date of Event/Publication is required
  • OK Organization requesting donation is required
  • OK Address is required
  • OK Phone is required
  • OK Contact Person is required
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Donation Information

  • OK Purpose of request is required
  • Type of Request

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Additional Information

    *Please note that you must also return a W9 form with your application in order to be considered. If we already have a copy of your W9 you do not need to resubmit one. The tax ID# on the W9 must match the organization requesting the funds.

    Please respond to the following questions as specifically as possible. Your answers to these questions help us make decisions about how we allocate our limited funds.

    • Please explain how your organization fits into our donation/sponsorship philosophy.
    • What is the deadline for donating to or sponsoring your organization/event?
    • How will your organization promote SECU's sponsorship to the public?
    • How many people will see the promotion?
    • Who will see the promotion and where do they live?
    • How many other organizations will be included in the promotion?
    • How is your organization classified? 501C?
    • What is your administrative overhead percentage?
    • What is your sponsorship deadline?
    • What else should SECU consider in making a decision about this request?
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Security Code

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