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Our Brand Story

Welcome to a New Chapter.

Introducing the New State Employees Credit Union

"It looks like a couple scoops of ice cream."

That's one of the nicer responses we received when we asked, in a series of focus groups, what people thought the former State Employees Credit Union logo was supposed to be.

Admittedly, this response — along with many other, equally honest, replies — wasn't easy to hear.

But, we asked for it. Two years ago, we began holding focus groups with members and non-members, conducting surveys, polling staff, consulting outside firms, and holding brand workshops — all to figure out where State Employees Credit Union was meeting needs. Also, where we were falling short.

And while taking a good, hard look at ourselves wasn't always pleasant, the feedback was exactly what we needed.

Out With the Old…

The first bit of feedback we received concerned our logo (which, for the record, is a Zia Sun symbol set behind rolling hills). It was introduced 17 years ago, and clearly, times have changed since then.

For instance, Britney Spears went from the world's biggest teen pop superstar to a mother of two; you no longer have to rewind your VHS tape before returning it to Blockbuster; the eardrum-piercing dial-up screech is a whisper of days past; and cell phones are now mini computers that have fundamentally changed the way we communicate.

Today we are all busier, need to balance more, and we have no time to waste.

Things have changed inside our credit union too. We no longer only serve state employees. Our membership also includes New Mexico city and county employees, and their families. Additionally all San Miguel and Valencia County residents can join, no questions asked.

Given these changes and the feedback we received during our market research, it became clear we needed a logo that accurately illustrates who we serve and what we stand for. The logo also needed to be compatible with rapidly changing technology and online financial tools.

So we've bid our old logo farewell. It served us well, but it's time for us to join the 21st century.

…In With the New

It's a three-ringed Zia Sun symbol, and was inspired by what we care about most: our members, the communities we serve and our staff.

The traditional Zia Sun represents the four compass points (north, south, east and west), the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), the four times of day (morning, noon, evening, night), and the four stages of life (childhood, youth, middle age and old age).

We added three rings to the traditional symbol, which represent our members, our communities and staff. Our idea for these three rings came about during the design process. We were looking at various New Mexico monuments and locations for inspiration, during which time we stumbled upon an aerial view of the New Mexico State Legislature. From above, the Round House, as it's familiarly called, looks like three concentric circles (the upper floor is the innermost ring, the first floor is the middle ring, and the outermost ring is made up of the surrounding pavement and greenery.

(Interestingly, we also learned that the Round House architect, W.C. Kruger, also used the Zia Sun symbol as inspiration for the capital building's design).

But, our new logo is more than just a visual metaphor for our state's history and culture. It's also a promise. A promise to build brighter futures for our members and the communities we serve.

 Preserving Our History

You may have noticed the new logo shifts our name a bit.

Here's why: Our research uncovered one unanimous certainty: "State Employees Credit Union" is a long, often misleading name. It takes a few breaths to say and doesn't reflect that we serve New Mexicans in a variety of occupations, ages, and lifestyles, all across the state.

However, we didn't want to change our name. We've accomplished a lot of great things over the past 58 years as State Employees Credit Union, and we didn't want to lose our history or alienate the members who have contributed to our success. We've seen other financial institutions completely change their name, and as a result, forget where they came from and the members they serve. We didn't want to make the same mistake.

Nonetheless, we are always looking to the future, and it was clear from our research that something about our name had to change if we wanted to make an impression, stay relevant, and continually adapt to changes in our communities and our members' lives.

So we shifted things around a bit. The new logo deemphasizes the length of our name, meanwhile highlighting the people we serve: New Mexicans.

Our plan is to move forward as State ECU, which involves providing the same exceptional financial service that has taken us this far, meanwhile evolving with new products, services and technologies that will make our members' lives easier.

We're in This Together

If our research taught us anything, it was that you, and your fellow members, care about the future more than ever.

As a local financial institution, we understand how much power we have to impact people's lives — not just financially, but also personally — since a bright future doesn't depend solely on finances. It also relies on strong relationships — with individuals and your community — that allow you to discover new opportunities, make better decisions, and lead a more fulfilled, purpose-driven life.

So in addition to providing exceptional, personalized financial services, we are committed to investing in our communities through volunteering, hosting community events and raising money for important causes.

It's through the combination of many small actions, new technology, and understanding each member's individual needs that we can change tomorrow.

Hence, our mission from here on out is: together we build futures.

Local is a Promise

We don't offer national, one-size-fits all services, promotions or campaigns. We create financial solutions as unique as the members we serve. This requires truly knowing local housing and real estate markets, local business regulations, a community's culture and more. Being located in New Mexico and employing staff who pride themselves on being involved in their communities allows us to possess all this knowledge and more. And, with each opportunity we get to serve you, we vow to live our promise: a personal approach to your life in balance.

Join Our Story

Today marks a new sense of purpose, a re-alignment of our goals, and our promise to you. This is the beginning of the next chapter of our story. With local confidence and a personal touch we will thrive and succeed together. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

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